Paws Night Out - Best Selling Items - Personalized Dog Collars

It can be hard deciding what your dog needs, especially if this is your first time owning one. We have received multiple questions from customers about what products are the most suitable for their dogs, and which are the most important for them. That is why we decided to publish an article for our best sellers so that you know exactly what most dogs require and which products should take priority over others.  

Personalized Dog Collar

No dog remains nameless. We all choose different names for our dogs, often signifying something. We tend to name them and train them using that name. With that being the case, you always want to show off their name so that people know exactly what to call your dog. Our personalized dog collars take care of that problem by allowing you to give your dog a collar that has their name on it. The engraving also makes sure that the collar can function in all sorts of weather and won’t fade away as time goes on.

The engraved name on the collar is completely permanent and makes sure that your dog will always have that name on them. The adjustable collar also makes sure that it is perfect for all sorts of breeds and sizes. That adjustable quality also makes sure that the custom dog collar remains in use no matter how large your dog gets.

The engraved dog collar also ensures that your dog doesn’t get lost easily. The engraving can be customized to make sure that you have your dog's name and phone number on the collar, assuring that even if the dog were to get lost, it can be found easily and returned to you. A lot of owners end up losing their dogs because they run off and can’t be found and using our custom dog collars guarantees that your dog will always come back home. Keep your dog safe and prevent yourself from heartbreak by getting them a new personalized dog collar. Don't forget to get the matching leash too. 

As per usual, all of our products are available to be shipped worldwide. To facilitate our international clients we accept payments through Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. Get one today!


Reflective Harness and Leash Set

You always want your dog to be safe and healthy. You’d do anything to make sure that your pets are always safe and live as long as possible. That is why this product is so close to our hearts. The reflective harness and leash set comes with a complete harness that comes in 4 sizes and 4 colors. The color of the harness is designed to be reflective which means that if you’re walking your dog at night, you can be sure that they will be illuminated by all the lights on the road. The reflective harness also makes sure that your dog is clearly visible to any and all vehicles, preventing road accidents.

The leash itself is made from the same material as the harness which not only makes the set look more stylish but makes sure that the leash will be illuminated as well. That keeps you safe while you walk your dog. This product is specifically designed for night time when the lights are low and the chances of people seeing your dog while driving are reduced. The leash has been designed to be wide enough so that you can hold it comfortably without stressing out your hand or applying unneeded pressure to it. The whole set comes with a clip-on clip-off leash which allows you to free your dog if you are in a field. Your dog won’t have to trail a leash behind it as its running, which can easily be tripping or choking hazard. Keep your dog safe and healthy with a bright leash for nighttime walks. All you have to do is pick the set you want and complete payment through our secure channels, and then just wait for the harness and leash set to arrive. Get your harness and leash set today!


Collapsible Dog Bowl for Food and Water

All dog owners know that feeding your dog can be one of the messiest activities that you do. They are liable to spill everything, whether it’s dog food, water, or even treats. That fact is especially annoying when you try to feed or water your dog while you’re walking them. We have got just the product for that. This collapsible dog bowl is perfect for feeding and watering your dog no matter where you are. The bowl is lightweight, easy to carry, and completely collapse inward when you want it to. It also comes with a clip that allows you to attach the bowl to your belt or even your dog.

The bowl is made of plastic and has no rubber in it so you can be sure that your dog eats exactly what you put in the bowl and nothing else. The bowl is perfect for traveling, hiking, and generally going on walks with your dog. Get yours today!